Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Emma White. As many women,  I also had a problem in the past with a look of my buttock and waist. I tried a lot of different advice how and what should I eat, how to dress, what to wear. I always had the imagination, what figure I want, but I rarely find the time and will to do a lot for it. All the strains have been made in terms of “between the dreaming and the doing, lies the making it happen”.

In the past, I tried all kind of diets and luckily didn’t have a money and courage for medical surgery :). I know, that one of the keys, to have a better butt and the flat tummy is fitness. But, as a mother and with a full-time job, I’m very limited with my free time. And, to be frank, yes, I’m not fitness cholic :).

Since I found butt lifters, padded underwear, a specially padded panties, butt lifting jeans, waist trainers, and waist cinchers, I feel much more comfortable with my buttock and waist. In this blog, I will try to introduce you those body shapewear products and find best offers for you. Of course, all this body shapewear including butt lifter is not a magic key to a perfect silhouette. There are always more things, that have an impact on the whole matter and a female figure is not an exception.

I think, it is always necessary to find the right balance between a balanced diet, exercise and healthy living in general. Then there are the genes, but which we have no influence. Let me say very clearly. I absolutely not advocate any dietary supplements or medical interventions for loss waist and fat.

I really hope you find my blog useful. If you’ll like some posts from a blog, fell free to share them true social media or comment at a bottom of them. I’ll try to response to all comments as quick as possible. If you have any additional questions, you can also contact me from a form on “contact me” page.